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Norwegian-born Charlotte Lade is without doubt one of the world's finest female football freestylers. As one of only eight people in the national team of Streetfootball Norway, Charlotte is the only girl representing her half of the population with a fantastic attitude of "anything the guys can do - so can the girls!"

Growing up in Norway, Charlotte played football until she was 18 then decided to put more time into her freestyling, which she had been doing since the age of 13. In 2006 Charlotte landed a place in the finals of the Street football world cup in Germany and has since featured in television commercials for The Sun newspaper and Charlotte has also appeared in adverts alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and was a contestant on Wayne Rooney's Street Striker.

2010 was one of Charlotte's biggest years yet with performances at the football World Cup Final in Johannesburg, TV commercials in Europe, an appearance as a "Soccerette" on Soccer AM and finally becoming the official skills ambassador for Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Charlotte's aim is to bring football freestyle to the front of people's minds as a multi-gender sport - and she is certainly doing that!

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