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Tommy Baker Schools Tour

Guinness World Record holding basketball freestyler Tommy Baker experienced more setbacks in the first 16 years of his life than most people do in their lifetime.  However, through failure came resilience and from that a wonderful career as the world’s number one basketball freestyler, travelling the world performing to millions of people.


Tommy is now visiting schools in the UK delivering inspirational talks to students on how to develop resilience and learning from failure to achieve their dreams and improve their social mobility.  


This is being offered at a staggering 80% discount on Tommy’s standard fee!


More detail below:

We are excited to announce that Top Dog’s Tommy Baker will be starting a Schools Tour this Autumn Term and is offering the first 20 schools an 80% discount on his corporate fee.


Tommy helps students develop their personal resilience and understanding to navigate through life’s setbacks and negative circumstances. He uses experiential learning and practical tools that have immediate impact. These tools are used to nurture ambition, vision and improve their social mobility.


Why Tommy?


Tommy Baker has experienced life’s extremes. From a serious car accident resulting in a severe head injury and being on life support as a youngster, being told he would never achieve his dreams.

Today he is a multi-Guinness World record holder through applying himself to over 15,000 hours of mastery training and succeeding in his life’s ambition of travelling the world as a professional sports person.


His performing professional career spanned from 1998-2015 and saw him become a TV Nike Advert star. They said “Just do it” and Tommy “Did it”, right in the face of life’s most challenging setbacks. You will hear his stories and lessons on the mind-set tools he used to grow in his personal resilience and how he “used” failure to achieve his dreams.


What will I get?


  • 30-60 minute inspirational talk on the theme of resilience and social mobility

  • 30 minute workshop teaching basketball skills to add value to your PE department

Hear from Tommy:

What will it cost?


Tommy is offering a staggering discount of only £300+VAT all inclusive for the first 20 schools who register. 


This is a one-time offer. If you would like to register your interest, please can you complete the form below.


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Availability (Tue/ Thu/ Fri from 11th Sep - 12th Oct)

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