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2018 World cup

As 2018 is a football World Cup year, Dan wants to take the opportunity to take this Guinness World record up to an unbelievable 30 hours!


When asked about the possible 2018 attempt, Magness said, “I’ve got plenty more in the locker and want to take it to 30 hours. It’s more about mental than physical stamina although saying that, I was pretty tired after the 26 hours!”


Please get in touch for more details or share this page with anyone you feel may be interested.  If successful, the company will get their name on a Guinness World Record certificate and a COLOSSAL amount of media & PR.  Over 98 Million people saw news of Dan’s first ever Guinness World Keepy Uppy record as it was featured on every major news network in the UK and all over the world!


Get in touch today for a no obligation chat.

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2018 is going to be a busy year and we're on the lookout for a company or organisation who would be interested in partnering on a MASSIVE Guinness World Record attempt in the lead up to England's first game.


In 2010 Dan Magness became the Guinness World Keepy Uppy Champion after keeping a football in the air for an astonishing 26 hours in Hong Kong.

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